Halloween seen by some students of 10ºO

I like Halloween because it is the scariest day of the year and you can fright anyone with pranks. The most important things related to Halloween are the pumpkins with evil faces, vampires, headstones, bats, Draculas and witches. Everybody can go out at night and eat candies from the neighbours’ houses. We can also throw paper and eggs at them. Halloween is really funny. 
Keep calm and Hail to the Pumpkin King!
by Sérgio Zhu Su

Halloween is a very special time for me. It’s my second favourite time of the year because we have sweets and it is lots of fun. 
We dress up as horror movie characters and spread our sense of humour.
“I’ve been improving all my love spells all year, I’m sure after tonight you’ll just want to stay with me. Happy Halloween Day, love!”
Happy Halloween to you all!
by Carolina Carvalho

A little Halloween story
On Halloween night, Anna, a teenage girl, decided to go out with her friends to do the door to door trick or treating scene. She went to the meeting point but on the way there she felt someone was stalking her. Anna didn’t want to give much importance to the situation. When she reached her friends, they all started going door to door, but all night long she felt someone was chasing her in the shadows. She was upset so she decided to talk to her friends about it but they dismissed it and said it was just fear and told her not to think about it anymore.
Around midnight, they all decided to go home. Anna asked if one of them could go with her because she didn’t feel safe – they all lived far from each other and she ended up going back alone.
The following morning nobody knew anything about Anna. She had vanished and was never found.
by Beatriz Pereira

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